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RGE has begun one of the leader firm in the production and sale of slippers and sandals for sauna swimming-pool, beach and free time consolidating as an industrial reality thanks to the experience made in the field.

Born in the 1970, at present, it extends on a cover surface of 3.800 metres and it has a court of 9.700 metres

The workers employed are 50.

The main feature of our products is the utilization, after many years of research and studies of our technicians, of particular mixtures of expanded “ultralight”.

Our average production of soles is 15.000 pairs per diem.

Making aware of the ecolocical problem, the technical direction has concentrated its attention for the utilization of ecological pvc, corresponding to the current European body of rules.

Our daily finished products amount to the 12.000 pairs.

Our trading is directly managed by our business direction and it is branching out all over the territory of European community, numbering amoung our own clients  the best purchaising groups.

Our firm obtaing good results in east Europe and in North America as well.